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Welcome to! We hope you enjoy your visit and come away with a better understanding of the fascination still attached to this iconic automobile. How does a car that was manufactured for only 23 months, from January of 1981 until December of 1982, continue to hold the attention of millions of people around the world?

Was it the man behind the car or the car behind the man? Was it the turbulence associated with the production and sale of the car? Could it be all the misinformation and misconceptions about the demise of the car? Or might it be the eternal memories burned into our minds by the famous trilogy of films know affectionately to many as the BTTF movies ?

We had three goals in mind while designing, maintaining and updating this website. The first two are quite simple. We want you to have fun as you scan through the sections of the site. The second is smiles. There is too little smiling in this world today. So our goal is to help you smile. If you don’t smile as you surf this site, then we have not done something right. If you see ways we can help better attain this goal, please write us and let us know. We are certainly ready to listen as we take you “Back to the Future”.  

The third goal is to promote our DeLorean Time Machine. Our intention is to selectively offer the vehicle for appearances at events to raise funds for two charities which are very special to us. The first is the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and the second is selective veterans organizations in Massachusetts. If you would like to make a donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, please CLICK HERE!

So sit back, enjoy and have some fun!

Here at 88mphtimemachine we have a lot of exciting things in the works! One is still top secret, but another has been announced and I am happy to say that we are the proud owners of the 1985 Toyota SR5 4wd Xtra Cab pickup that was driven by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future II and III. It is currently undergoing a massive, exhaustive restoration to bring it back to its original screen used glory. We are bringing this movie icon back from the near dead, and it will be an absolute diamond once completed. Stay tuned for updates!


Christopher Rutkowski, aka theaficionauto, Strikes Again with Another AWESOME Video....This Time on our Screen Used BTTF III Time Machine!

That is correct! This is his biggest and best video ever and we are extremely pleased to present it here for your enjoyment. It has received rave reviews and has even been featured on Motor Trend's website! Enjoy, then subscribe to his channel so you won't ever miss out on another new video!


BTTF III DeLorean "Survivor" Video

Whose Time Machine was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Back to the Future Day? That's Right, it was OURS!



















 We had the absolute thrill of a lifetime when we got the call from the prop guy from Jimmy Kimmel Live looking for a time machine. They needed one for the spot featuring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd that was to be shot in Brooklyn. We are still on cloud 9! Go to my facebook page JKL album to see a huge album of pics! Here is our story......

The dust is finally settling and we are now able to catch our breath and let you all know about this epic journey that we just finished! It all started with a phone call from my pal Rob Grady at PJ Grady DeLorean in West Sayville, NY a month or so ago. He said that he was contacted by an individual looking for a time machine to be used on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. He then told us that Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Huey Lewis and the News were going to be on it as well, as it was going to air on Back to the Future day, October 21, 2015. Needless to say we were all in! MJF and CL in our car on a nationally televised TV show? Who needs to even give that a second thought! Arrangements were made and we were off to the Brooklyn Academy of Music where the show was being taped. We were told not to tell anyone what we were doing as this was a surprise event, at least the fact the Christopher Lloyd was going to be on. It was public knowledge that Michael J Fox was a guest but they made no mention that he would appear with Doc and be dressed up as Marty. To my knowledge, the two of them haven't been in a time machine TOGETHER since the filming of the trilogy commenced. This was the first time in 25 years, and it was in OUR car. Talk about the stuff of dreams! By now you have all seen the show and know how it went down. Our experience with everyone on the Kimmel show from Jimmy himself down to the crew members sweeping the stage was absolutely amazing. The entire group are 100%, total pros and welcomed us like we were part of the team. Anything we needed....DONE. Talk about everything from soup to nuts.....DONE. We had the ultimate BTTF experience, I can tell you that. Another reason? We were able to interact with both CL and MJF as they were sitting in our car. I actually was told to give driving instructions to Christopher Lloyd if you can imagine that? I had to tell Doc Brown how to operate a time machine that he built lol! Dad said to him "Listen Christopher, don't drive my f%#@ing car off the stage!" He laughed out loud! He was awesome and so was Michael. Absolutely the friendliest guys you can imagine. The experience of a lifetime. The evening was capped off with something else that we will never forget. I had removed the sun visors from the car in hopes that we could get them to sign and date them. What could be better than that? But it wasn't going to be that easy. Earlier on I had asked if they would mind and each said no problem. But when? They were so busy practicing their lines, reading the script (MJF left his copy in the car so we got to keep that....YES!), preparing for the show etc. Well, after the bit we went running over to the dressing room area. Christopher was inside prepping for another event and Michael was on stage doing his interview with Jimmy. I asked a staff member (Patrick Friend.....thanks!) if he wouldn't mind taking the visor inside the dressing room to have CL sign and date it for us. He said he would give it a shot. I handed him the visor and a black Sharpie and crossed my fingers. Dad was with me and we both were sweating bullets. About 5 minutes later MJF walked right by me (I said "Great job Michael!"....he replied "Thanks very much!") and headed to his dressing room. Just after that Patrick Friend came out of the dressing room, signed visor in hand. What a thrill. But me being a little nutso I decided that it was now or never. I said "Do you think Michael is unobtanium?". He took my second visor and Sharpie and said "Well lets find out!". Off he went. Anxiety setting in, big time! Dad actually left to go for a short walk. Patrick Friend came out a few minutes later and wouldn't you know it....he had the signed and dated visor in hand. I was elated! Jimmy Kimmel's son Kevin was standing next to me and we had this huge moment of excitement together. He high fived me and told me how happy he was for us! It was great. Even greater was when I caught up to Dad. He was watching the show from back stage. I walked over to him with my head hung, an obvious but fake disappointed look on my face. I had the visor in my hand, but flipped over so he couldn't see it. I told him that we missed out on MJF as he had to get to another event. He said "Well at least we tried!". That was when I sprung it on him! He was elated and we had a wonderful man hug. We noticed that people were watching and were just as happy for us as we were. It was awesome! Those two days are certainly going to be hard to top in our BTTF world! I just posted an album with a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy!



I know you all love Back to the Future as much as we do, so check this out! Over the summer a very talented guy by the name of Christopher Rutkowski paid us a visit here in the Hubb of Massachusetts to shoot our screen used time machine along with Marty's Toyota for a web series called theAFICIONAUTO. In his series he focuses mostly on screen used vechiles, and has done lots of great ones including a KITT, The Fast and the Furious, Jurassic Park Jeep, Batmobile and many other icons. He also did videos on Griffs BMW from BTTF II (owned by our pal Jeff Chabotte currently) and Biffs 1946 Ford from BTTF I. These last two have been released over the last two weeks and links to those are posted below. FOLLOW HIM on facebook and youtube to see the newest stuff! Over the next two weeks the videos on the time machine and truck will be released and I will post them here. Future videos feature our collection of Steve McQueen motorcycles and also on our our Porsche 928, the screen used hero car from Risky Business. Stay tuned and subscribe to Chris' channel!



Biffs 1946 Ford Coupe video link

Griffs BMW from BTTF 2 video link


Be Terrific Interviews with Michael Artsis

We had the pleasure recently of welcoming the very talented Michael Artsis and his crew to our home where his show, entitled "Be Terrific!" was broadcast live to a massive audience. The pod cast is now available for viewing here....enjoy!

Back to the Future Cars on the Michael Artsis Show with the Shea's

After our pod cast, he joined us at a special Back to the Future night at our regular Friday stomping ground, Kimball Farm in Lancaster, MA. He did another live broadcast from this great event, which can be viewed here.....thanks to our new buddy Michael as well as to his crew, Greg and Adam. All pro's in every sense of the word!

Back to the Future Night at Kimball Farm


UPDATE!!! We now have an official facebook page titled "Marty's Truck Restoration" where we will have regular updates regarding the ongoing restoration of the truck. Click the link below to follow the restoration, we will be updating the page on a regular basis!


Martys Truck Restoration Facebook Page



Bill and Patrick with Martys truck on "R" day!

Martys truck before the big race in part III!

Here are a few pics of Marty's Toyota fully restored. These were taken in May of 2015 by our friend Josh Sweeney of Shoot for Details. Thanks Josh! Enjoy the pics.....

toyota may 2015 1280x848   toyota may 20151 1280x848


toyota may 20158 1280x848 toyota may 201513 1280x854


EXCITING NEWS!!! "Back in Time", a film about the cultural impact of Back to the Future—30 years later—told from the viewpoint of the DeLorean Time Machine, the people that love it and even a few folks that made it possible back in "good old 1985". It is in the works and with your help, it can be a reality! We here at have joined forces with a tremendously talented film crew, headed by Jason Aron, and many other influential forces in the "future world" including Joe Walser and Ken Kapalowski of Time Machine Restoration, the good folks at and Terry & Oliver Holler (no introduction needed) . They have started a "Kickstarter" fundraiser to raise the necessary capital to make the project a success. Please take a few minutes to watch the trailer (starring us!) and read about the project. Heck, even make a donation if you can! We would love to see this incredibly worthwhile project become a reality.You can even get some cool swag by simply making a donation! So check it out and help if you can....thanks! Here is the link to the page, I must say it is AWESOME!!!!

"Back in Time" Kickstarter Trailer

UPDATE!!! The "Back in Time" documentary is a GO! Thanks to everyone who donated, this project is on and it will be a huge success, I am sure! The filming is ongoing as we speak and we will keep you updated on the project. Here is a short video of the crew hard at work!

Back in Time Update Video

Also, please be sure to check their facebook page out, located here.....

Back in Time Facebook Page

UPDATE #2: The team has wrapped up filming, finishing up with a visit to Montana to see Huey Lewis! Now the fun begins for them! The list of people interviewed for the film reads like a "who's who" in the BTTF world, including Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Claudia Wells, Don Fullilove and many other stars of the movie. A great number of people involved in the production, including Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, Dean Cundey, Andrew Probert etc were interviewed as well. This will be the bar setter not only for BTTF documentaries, but for any documentary on any movie period! More to come....

Speaking of "more to come", we have a few surprises up our sleeves in the coming months. There just may be a few additions to our BTTF collection so please be sure to check back and see what we have in store for you!

Here are a few pictures of the PT III Screen Used DeLorean taken by our good friend Christopher Rutkowski. Chris is the guy behind the brilliant web series "theAficionauto" and he was here filming a few of our vehicles for upcoming episodes. Definitely check back for release dates on his series. In the meantime, check out the photos and also check out his channel:

theAficionauto You Tube channel

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If you attended the New Bedford Police Union Festival on July 12, 2015 and had a picture taken, click the link here to retrieve your pics at photobucket and THANK YOU!

July 12, 2015 New Bedford Police Union Festival Picture Link

If you attended the Wakefield, MA WCAT Back to the Future Movie Night on July 23, 2015 and had a picture taken, click the link here to retrieve your pics at photobucket and THANK YOU!

WCAT Wakefield, MA Back to the Future Movie Night



Who needs summertime, right?!? Given the proper circumstances, weather and motivation we’re always up for an adventure! And so it was, on a very frigid 22nd of February that Patrick and I trailered the part 1 car to the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

We actually made the five hour trek the night before and the fun began when a very perplexed parking lot attendant saw us pull into the driveway of a very crowded parking lot. Sure, we had reservations and I had clearly explained to the owner that we had a large pick up truck with a 20’ foot trailer attached. It was also a challenge explaining to him that, at 6:45 AM the next morning, we needed to be able to open up the back of the trailer and back a car out (needless to say, I did not tell him what was inside the trailer). Several attempts to explain that to him (coupled with a $20 bill, the universal language) and we were good to go.

“Wait?” you ask, “what the heck were we doing on a dark side street in Brooklyn in the middle of winter in the North East”? Remember I said we needed good weather and motivation? Well, Mother Nature blistered us with frigid weather (thank goodness we discovered the heater worked!) but at least the roads were clear. The motivation was a $10,000.00 donation being made to the Michael J. Fox Foundation by a company called MediData. They are a large corporation which, simply stated, helps expedite the process of getting new medications thru the labyrinth of red tape and into the hands of doctors and health providers. They, like zillions of others, had a few employees that are BTTF fans and decided they wanted to make a 3 minute video to use at a conference they held in March inBrooklyn.

What better way to kick off the conference, then to have a unique little skit using a DeLorean time machine! So, with a few of the company principals playing the role of Doc and Marty (and after nine hours of shooting) we pulled off the youtube video you are about to see. It was an unbelievable experience. Patrick did all the driving and I rode “shotgun” as we literally drove down 5th Ave., went through Times Square, drove by The Empire State Building and Washington Park. We even went over the Brooklyn Bridge a few times to get it right! We had to make several stops and each time within 30 seconds dozens of people quickly swarmed around the car. It was a real hoot!

We did multiple takes in front of the Marriott in Brooklyn and I cannot believe how, out of nowhere, FedEx trucks would stop and police cars would pull over. I thought I was going to piss myself when a huge FDNY ladder truck stopped and every fireman leaped out with cameras to take pictures. As they were blocking traffic, I yelled at them and asked them if they were going to or coming from a fire?!?!?! I’m surprised Mayor Bloomberg didn’t show up. I’m not exaggerating when I say that 20,000 pictures of the “time machine” were taken that day.

People living in NYC are used to seeing Bentleys, Rolls Royces and Lamborghinis but 99.9% of them had never seen a DeLorean time machine before! We answered the same questions hundreds of times but enjoyed every minute of it. The camera crew was great to work with and a very complicated mission was accomplished without too many glitches. We wrapped up around 4:30 PM and then it was on to the next challenge, loading the car back into the trailer with “peeps” all around us. Well, we got it done and then made the five hour trek back up the road to Hubbardston.

Here’s the video. Remember, this is for a corporate presentation so it’s got terms and phrases that you may not get but we’re sure you’ll enjoy seeing one of our babies doing her thing for a good cause!

Medidata Conference Video-You Tube



In order to consolidate our collector cars, I talked the bride into letting me build a barn. It was one of those projects that takes twice as long to build and costs twice as much as you budgeted for and then you multiply that times two. I’m sure if you have built an addition, garage or home, you know what I mean. It’s a very good size structure measuring 44’ x 30’ and I was very heavily involved in the day to day planning and overseeing of the project.

Read more: One Picture is Worth How Many Thousand Words?

As avid enthusiasts of not just all things DeLorean and Back to the Future, but all things Hollywood as well, imagine our elation in July 2011, when we first heard about an upcoming auction.  “Icons of Hollywood” was the theme of an auction being announced by Joe Maddalena’s company called  “Profiles in History” of Calabasas Hills, CA. (

The announcement  promised lots of rare, screen used material. We thought that was cool and hoped to hear more. Well, a few months went by and the auction company started releasing tidbits on some of the “featured” items. These included Dorothy’s  ruby red slippers and the Cowardly Lion’s costume from the “Wizard of Oz”, plus Bela Lugosi’s cape from “Dracula”.


But, wait, there was more! We were literally blown away when rumor had it that the actual screen used DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future Part III might be coming up for sale!


Read more: The Story Behind the Newest Additions to our DeLorean Time Machine Family